Cream of The Crop Kiko Sale

2018 Cream of the Crop Sale catalog is NOW available.    

We expect to have something for everyone this year with approximately 104 head of percentage, purebred and 100% New Zealand goats.  Consignments will be mostly females with 3 young bucks consigned and will include both this years best doelings and some outstanding bred mature does.  
This years sale will offer something for everyone with goats ranging from the hottest and most popular rare genetics to much more modestly priced goats that will appeal to commercial and newer breeders.   
Please note that does listed as exposed have been just that, exposed to the buck in a time frame consistent with pregnancy checking prior to the sale.  Announcements will be  made as to verified pregnancy status on sale day.  

If you have questions about the sale contact 918-484-2364.  



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